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With the rising Covid-19 cases across Hong Kong, eating at restaurants has become quite difficult. However, no need to fear because we’ve got you covered with our list of take-out places to try out!

Disclaimer: The operating timing below is for normal business hours however, due to the increase of Covid cases, all restaurants close by 6 pm.



We recently discovered a Middle-Eastern takeout spot in the heart of Central and Wanchai. We tried CHICKPEA for the first time and it has become one of our favorite takeout spots. CHICKPEA is a Grab-n-go restaurant that serves healthier options of middle eastern food, including their popular hummus bowls (HKD$98) that includes hummus, salad, rice, and falafel! You can also add some protein to your bowl (Chicken shawarma or beef) for an extra $10+. On a side note, the shop is conveniently located near Tamar Park, which makes it a perfect meal to have for a picnic!

Locations: Shop 3, union Commercial Building, 12-16 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, [Other branches in Wanchai and Quarry Bay]
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm Price Range: $50- $100


If you’re tired of eating high-calorie, high fat, and unhealthy meals, then the CHEF’S MARKET is a great option for a healthy takeout meal. The Chef’s market is located in the newly built Central Market and has probably been the best salad spot we’ve tried so far. They serve generous portions of salad which are customized based on your preferences (HKD$78). You can choose whatever veggies, nuts, protein, and cheese you want. They serve a variety of vegetables including; mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olives, baby corn, cucumber, etc. Along with various proteins like chickpeas and kidney beans. Definitely a ‘Value for Money’ dish.

Location: Shop G0044-06,08-09, G/F, Central Market, 93 Queen's Road Central, Central Price Range: $50-100
(Vegetarian, Vegan)


BENGAL BROTHERS is a fairly new Indian take-out shop run by two brothers. The restaurant serves the famous ‘Kati Rolls’, which is a popular snack amongst many Indians. The ‘Kati Roll’ is a wrap that is filled with veggies, pickles, sauces, and your choice of meat, making it a fulfilling and easy-to-eat snack. Our favorite pick was the Lamb Kati Roll (HK$95) along with their Gunpowder fries (HKD$40)!

Location: G/F, 6 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm
Price Range: $50-100


Dough Bro's is one of the most popular and fastest-growing pizza places around Hong Kong that serve freshly made sourdough pizza along with their signature Garlic sauce! This has been one of our favorite pizza take-away spots, due to its unique pizza style . Our favorite one has been their ‘Sophisticated Pizza’ (HKD$148), with their goat cheese, sauteed onions, and sweet & pickled peppers.

Location: G/F, 25 Queen's Road East, Wanchai [Other branches in Central, Quarry Bay, Happy Valley, and North Point]
Contact: 2301 1302
Opening Hours: 10am- 11pm Price Range: $100-150


BABU G is a newly opened takeout restaurant located in Jordan. What makes them different than any other Hotdog place is that their meat is all Halal! This is great news for our Hong Kong Muslims who haven’t gotten a chance to try Hot dogs due to their specific dietary requirements. Not only do they meet these requirements but they also taste delicious! They serve a variety of Hot Dogs including their Turkey hotdog (HKD$35), Classic hotdog (HKD$30), and Chili hotdog (HKD$40)!

Location: 41 Battery Street, Shop E, Jordan, Hong Kong
Contact: 6162 5223 Price Range: $50-100


Lastly, another one of our favorite burger take-out spots has to be Burger Republic.

They serve a variety of burgers and fries with different toppings. Our favorite dishes have to be their Veggie Galore Burger (HKD$78) along with their Black Truffle Cheese Fries (HKD$52). A great meal to take out and have at the Tseung Kwan O promenade.

Location: Shop F24-26, 1/F, PopCorn, 9 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O [Another branch in Mong Kok]
Contact: 25681199
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 9pm Price Range: $100 - $150

Which take-out spots are your favorite?




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