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  • A quick guide to celebrating Ramadan in Hong Kong

    It's finally that time of the year when everyone asks that one important question. Not even water? Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about Ramadan! For those who may not know, Ramadan is a month where Muslims around the globe observe fast from dawn to dusk. They are not allowed to intake any food or drinks and yes, not even water! The day starts with having an early meal (sehri/suhoor) before dawn and breaking the fast with an evening meal after sunset (iftar). Alongside abstaining from food and water, Muslims are encouraged to donate to charity and reflect during this one-month period. In other words, it is a month of spiritual healing. Even though Hong Kong is not a Muslim majority city, there are around 300,000 Muslims who do celebrate Ramadan. So here’s a little guide to celebrating Ramadan in Hong Kong! A quick guide to celebrating Ramadan in Hong Kong Where to eat? During Ramadan, it's common to have an iftar dinner with a group of people and you can easily be part of it by visiting the Mosque. Different Mosques around Hong Kong serve free iftar during Ramadan including the Kowloon Mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui and Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center in Wan Chai. Besides eating at the mosque, you can also eat at the different halal restaurants across Hong Kong. 1. Omni Palace noodle house and grill When you go around Hong Kong, you can see how there are so many local Chinese restaurants but unfortunately, the majority of them don't serve halal food. Luckily for us, Omni palace noodle house and grill is a halal-certified restaurant that serves different types of noodles which are all halal. They also have some amazing mutton satay which is worth trying out! Location: Causeway Bay Price range: $50 - $100 Dietary specification: Halal-certified 2. Wai Kee Another local halal restaurant can be found in Wan chai. Wai Kee serves traditional Hong Kong-style food including Peking duck! So far this is the only restaurant we have come across which serves Halal Hong Kong-style Peking duck so if you want a traditional local style Iftar meal, this is one place to check out. Location: Wan Chai, Bowrington Rd Price range: $50 - $100 Dietary specification: Halal certified 3. Shahrazad Lebanese If you’re looking for a nice middle eastern iftar dinner, then Shahrazad Lebanese is one place you should definitely check out. They serve Lebanese food including kebabs, hummus platter, and mixed grill. Our favorite is their mixed grilled platter which includes kofta and their amazing lamb chops! Location: Central, Wyndham Street Price range: $200 - $400 Dietary specification: Halal supplier 4. 375 Chicken N Fries Having burgers for Iftari isn't a common thing but then again, why not? 375 Chicken N Fries serve various types of Chicken burgers which are all halal! Their use of hormone-free chicken and fresh ingredients makes the burgers taste even better! Even though the restaurant itself is a bit small for a large group of people, getting takeout and having an outdoor iftar is definitely worth it! We would recommend you try their Honey Buffalo Chicken Sandwich [HKD$85]. Location: Central, Wyndham Street Price range: $100 - $200 Dietary specification: Halal certified 5. Burger Circus Another burger spot to check out. If you’re into classic cheeseburgers then this is a restaurant to check out. They serve halal beef burgers along with other options such as chili fries, chicken wings, and chicken burgers. They do have proper seating which can fit four people in one booth (a bit more if you guys squeeze in). Location: Central, Wyndham Street Price range: $100 - $200 Dietary specification: Halal supplier After eating iftar, Muslims would finish their prayers either at home or the Mosques. Hong Kong has many Islamic centers and Mosques which you can visit including; Kowloon Masjid , Tsim Sha Tsui Masjid Ammar & Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center ,Wan Chai Jamia Mosque, Mid-Levels Stanley Mosque, Stanley Chai Wan Mosque, Chai Wan How do you guys plan on celebrating Ramadan this year?


    Having a list of cafes is always something good to have at your fingertips. Whether it’s meeting a friend, recruiter, or wanting to get work done, a nice cafe can really uplift your day. Check out some of our favorite spots around Hong Kong for a nice cup of coffee! Disclaimer: The operating timing below is for normal business hours. However due to the increased number of Covid-19 cases, all dine-in services at restaurants/cafes close by 6 pm. 1. NOC Coffee A minimalist coffee shop spread all over HK now! This is our go-to cafe for any occasion. Their cappuccino ($40HKD) is smooth, delightful, and strong enough to get you through a few hours of work. We love going to their TKO, Whampoa, TST, and Repulse Bay branches as they are next to the sea, providing some sense of calmness. We also recommend getting their Avocado toast if you get hungry. It's light and pairs well with the coffee but you may need to add some extra seasoning to it. The cafe is always bustling, therefore it may not be ideal to host a meeting here. If you really need to get some work done, the SYP branch is a little quieter! Location(s): Shop 4, G/F, Bohemian House, 321 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun (Other branches in Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, Hung Hom, TKO, TST) Opening Hours: 8 am-6 pm (differ by branches) Price Range: $40-$100 2. Fineprint If you’re looking for a decently priced and good coffee, be sure to try Fineprint’s cappuccino ($30HKD). Their Australian-style coffee attracts a lot of students, office workers, or just regular foodies like us! Located on Peel Street (Central), there is always a crowd outside the cafe, where people like to grab a drink and chat with their mates. The cafe is small, and a bit dark so working there isn't the best option. One of our favorite coffee side foods is their Half Avo Toast, which is topped with avocado, cherry tomato, and feta salad ($90HKD). The portion is almost enough for a full meal, and we are sure to get this whenever we visit. Location(s): 38 Peel Street, Central (Other branches in Tai Hand and Sai Ying Pun) Opening Hours: 6 am-Midnight Price Range: $25-$100 3. Eric Kayser An international authentic artisanal French Bakery, located all over Hong Kong. Their coffee is average, but we would definitely go back for their desserts like the Hazelnut, dark chocolate mousse ($45HKD). Layered with a sponge and crispy hazelnut praline coating, it is an ideal sweet snack to share between the two. The cafe is also known for its bakery items like Olive Ciabatta bread ($25HKD) and butter croissants. Their Kennedy Town branch is our favorite as it’s less crowded and feels a little secluded. Location(s): 248 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai ( Other branches in Mid-Levels, Happy Valley, Sheung Wan, Admiralty, Kennedy Town, Sai Ying Pun, TST, Central, Quarry Bay, Wong Chuk Hang, West Kowloon, TKO) Opening Hours: differs for each branch Price Range: $50-100 4. Coco Espresso This was one of the first coffee shops we started exploring and were very pleased with their quality of coffee and service. We normally get their regular cappuccino ($35HKD) and sometimes their breakfast set (Coffee + bagel). We always opt for the ‘All in one bagel’ with cream cheese + coffee for ONLY $48HKD. Almost all their branches are located on the Island side, near offices and business districts, appealing more to professionals. Their shop at Stanley St. (Central) is one of the quieter branches, where we were able to get work done. They have WiFi as well, so def a bonus for ‘WFH’ situations. Location(s):13 -15 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan (Other branches include Central, Wanchai, Quarry bay, Kowloon Bay, Kwai Chung) Opening Hours: / Price Range: $50-100 5. Urban Coffee roasters An always busy coffee shop, which has expanded to 4 different locations around HK! We tend to go there for their mocha ($42HKD), a nice large cup of mocha, with hints of chocolate notes. We like to pair this with their French fries with black truffle mayonnaise ($68HKD). A great place to chill with friends and chill out! Location: Shop 12, 29 Tong Yin Street, TKO (Other branches in TST, Causeway Bay, and Kwun Tong) Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10:30 - 20:00 , Sat, Sun & PH 08:00 - 20:00 Price Range: $50-100 6. Arabica % With their off-white minimalist stores, they definitely attract Instagrammers! Their first shop was in Japan and is now one of the fastest-growing specialty coffee brands in the world. With 12 cafes in HK, there are quite a few choices. Our go-to branch is the Kennedy town one. With the splendid sea view in front of you, it is an ideal place to work and de-stress. We typically order the Cappuccino ($40HKD) or the Spanish Latte ($45HKD), which has condensed milk. Location: Shop G04, G/F, Grand Fortune Mansion, 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Western District (Other branches in Quarry Bay, TST, Central, IFC, Repulse Bay Opening Hours: Differs by branch Price Range: $50 - $60 7. Coffee Academics A world-renowned leading brand for specialty coffee in Asia, with 18 cafes across HK, it is a popular option for coffee lovers. The decor is very calming and elegant, which is great for a business meeting or meeting friends. We recommend exploring the Repulse Bay branch, as it's right next to the beach and gives a stellar sea view. Perfect for a ‘WFH’ situation or chilling with family and friends. It’s great for a coffee grab but the food options were a bit limited for us. Location: 35-45 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai (Other branches in Happy valley, Taikoo, Repulse Bay, Mid-Levels, Central, HKU, Sai Kung, Discovery Bay..) Opening Hours: Differs by different branches. Price Range: $50 - $60HKD 8. Cookie DPT cafe Who doesn't love a good, thick cookie with their coffee? A newly opened branch in Central is a must-go cafe serving their signature cookies along with other desserts and beverages. We would recommend getting their latte or cappuccino ($HKD40) along with their Brownie Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie ($40HKD). If you’re lucky, they may have time to create beautiful latte art, as they did for us! Though the place is a little small, it's great for a quick coffee. Location: 48 Cochrane Street L/G, Central Opening Hours: 9 am-7 pm Price Range: $50 - $60HKD 9. Simply Life An affordable, yet fancy-looking cafe, located in 8 different parts of Hong Kong. They sell a variety of freshly baked European-style bread, pastries, and on-the-go foods. Not to forget, their beverage list, mainly consists of different types of coffees. Although their coffee doesn't top some of the other cafes, for the price and location, they’re definitely worth checking out. Their bakery items are also very fresh and delicious, so be sure to pick something up with your coffee, when you drop by. Location: Shop B32, B/F, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong ( Other branches in Admiralty, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon Tong, Kwai Fung, Sha Tin, Tseung Kwan O) Opening Hours: Varies by locations Price Range: $20-$50HKD 10. Elephant Grounds A cafe, popularly known for its brunch menu, serving buttermilk pancakes, bagels, homemade pastries, and more! We typically get their mocha ($45HKD) and sometimes their Acai Yogurt bowl ($85HKD). Though on the more expensive side, their cafes are located conveniently, with comfortable seats and calming decor. We’d recommend going to their TST K11 Musea branch, as it's more peaceful, and a good place to work from. Location: 42-48 Paterson street, fashion walk, Causeway Bay ( Other branches include K11 Musea, Mid-levels, Startstreet ) Opening Hours: Differs by locations Price Range: $50-$150HKD


    Spending money on food is always fun until you get to a point where you become broke. Here are a few restaurants that are budget-friendly, and can offer you ‘value for money’ food all under HKD$100. Disclaimer: The operating timings below are for normal business hours however, due to the increase of Covid cases, all restaurants close by 6 pm. Chef’s Kitchen Besides being a great takeout place, Chef’s Kitchen is what we consider a Value for money place. When you usually plan on eating healthy, it can be quite pricey. However, at Chef's kitchen, you can fill your salad bowl with a generous portion of veggies and protein, all for just HKD$78! Location: Shop G0044-06,08-09, G/F, Central Market, 93 Queen's Road Central, Central Price Range: $50-100 (Vegetarian, Vegan) Paradise Veggie If you want to eat a lot but are low on cash, Paradise Veggie is perfect for you. They offer a variety of Chinese vegetarian food, buffet style, all for HKD$78. This would include noodles, dim sums, sushi, soup, brownies, hot drinks, and much more! Location: Shop B04, Basement, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay Contact: 26331386 Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm Price Range: $50-$100 (Vegan, Vegetarian) Charsi Charsi is a fairly new take-out spot located in Jordan. They offer a variety of burgers, rolls, and fries along with their unique homemade sauces! In HKD$100 or less, you can get their burgers or Rolls (HKD$45-$75) with a side of Masala fries and drink (HKD$25). Location: G/F, 41B Battery Street, Jordan Opening Hours: 12 pm-11 pm (Closed on Wednesdays) Price Range: $50- $100 (Halal) Islamic Center Canteen The Islamic center canteen serves authentic Halal Chinese food including dim sum, noodles, curry, and much more, all between a price range of HKD$30-$70. You can easily buy a generous portion of food for 1-2 people for around HKD$100 or less. Location: 5/F, Masjid Ammar And Osman Ramju Mosque, 40 Salvation Army Street, Wan Chai Contact: 28348211 Opening Hours: 10am-9pm Price Range: $50- $100 (Halal) Kabo Burger Kabo Burger has been a quite popular spot for Hong Kongers and usually is quite packed. You can buy a budget-friendly meal that includes their burger set (Burger + Drink) for around HKD$70 and adding some sides would be a total maximum of HKD$100. Location: G/F, Wardley Center, 9-11 Prat Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui [Other Branch in Kwai Chung] Contact: 95214405 Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm Price Range: $50- $100 (Includes Vegetarian options) Babu G Babu G is a little store located in Jordan that serves great grab-n-go meals. If you’re looking to try some Hotdogs or Pizza, this is a great place to eat. Their Hotdogs have been one of the value for money meals on our list, with the price ranging HKD$30-$40. We ended up getting 2-3 of them along with a drink costing us less thanHKD$100! Location: 41 Battery Street, Shop E, Jordan, Hong Kong Contact: 6162 5223 Price Range: $50-100 (Halal) Saizeriya Saizeriya originated from Japan and came to Hong Kong in 2018, now having a total of 30 branches across the city. They offer a variety of Italian dishes including Pasta, Pizza’s and Risotto, all between a price range of HKD$30-$40 Location: over 30 branches. Some chains are located in Whampoa, Sha Tin, Lam Tin Price range: Below HK$50 (Includes Vegetarian options)

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