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It's finally that time of the year when everyone asks that one important question.

Not even water?

Yes, you guessed it right. We’re talking about Ramadan! For those who may not know, Ramadan is a month where Muslims around the globe observe fast from dawn to dusk. They are not allowed to intake any food or drinks and yes, not even water! The day starts with having an early meal (sehri/suhoor) before dawn and breaking the fast with an evening meal after sunset (iftar). Alongside abstaining from food and water, Muslims are encouraged to donate to charity and reflect during this one-month period. In other words, it is a month of spiritual healing.

Even though Hong Kong is not a Muslim majority city, there are around 300,000 Muslims who do celebrate Ramadan. So here’s a little guide to celebrating Ramadan in Hong Kong!


A quick guide to celebrating Ramadan in Hong Kong

Where to eat?

During Ramadan, it's common to have an iftar dinner with a group of people and you can easily be part of it by visiting the Mosque. Different Mosques around Hong Kong serve free iftar during Ramadan including the Kowloon Mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui and Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center in Wan Chai. Besides eating at the mosque, you can also eat at the different halal restaurants across Hong Kong.

1. Omni Palace noodle house and grill

When you go around Hong Kong, you can see how there are so many local Chinese restaurants but unfortunately, the majority of them don't serve halal food. Luckily for us, Omni palace noodle house and grill is a halal-certified restaurant that serves different types of noodles which are all halal. They also have some amazing mutton satay which is worth trying out!

Location: Causeway Bay
Price range: $50 - $100
Dietary specification: Halal-certified

2. Wai Kee

Another local halal restaurant can be found in Wan chai. Wai Kee serves traditional Hong Kong-style food including Peking duck! So far this is the only restaurant we have come across which serves Halal Hong Kong-style Peking duck so if you want a traditional local style Iftar meal, this is one place to check out.

Location: Wan Chai, Bowrington Rd
Price range: $50 - $100
Dietary specification: Halal certified

3. Shahrazad Lebanese

If you’re looking for a nice middle eastern iftar dinner, then Shahrazad Lebanese is one place you should definitely check out. They serve Lebanese food including kebabs, hummus platter, and mixed grill. Our favorite is their mixed grilled platter which includes kofta and their amazing lamb chops!

Location: Central, Wyndham Street
Price range: $200 - $400
Dietary specification: Halal supplier

4. 375 Chicken N Fries

Having burgers for Iftari isn't a common thing but then again, why not? 375 Chicken N Fries serve various types of Chicken burgers which are all halal! Their use of hormone-free chicken and fresh ingredients makes the burgers taste even better! Even though the restaurant itself is a bit small for a large group of people, getting takeout and having an outdoor iftar is definitely worth it! We would recommend you try their Honey Buffalo Chicken Sandwich [HKD$85].

Location: Central, Wyndham Street
Price range: $100 - $200
Dietary specification: Halal certified

5. Burger Circus

Another burger spot to check out. If you’re into classic cheeseburgers then this is a restaurant to check out. They serve halal beef burgers along with other options such as chili fries, chicken wings, and chicken burgers. They do have proper seating which can fit four people in one booth (a bit more if you guys squeeze in).

Location: Central, Wyndham Street
Price range: $100 - $200
Dietary specification: Halal supplier

After eating iftar, Muslims would finish their prayers either at home or the Mosques. Hong Kong has many Islamic centers and Mosques which you can visit including;

  1. Kowloon Masjid , Tsim Sha Tsui

  2. Masjid Ammar & Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center ,Wan Chai

  3. Jamia Mosque, Mid-Levels

  4. Stanley Mosque, Stanley

  5. Chai Wan Mosque, Chai Wan

How do you guys plan on celebrating Ramadan this year?




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