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  • How can I be part of the team?
    We always welcome contributors to join our team. To learn more about our opening positions check out our careers page.
  • How can I partner with Foodie explorerz?
    We always welcome partnerships and collaborations. If you're interested in doing so, feel free to contact us via email or directly submit your request
  • Are all restaurant halal certified?
    On the Halal page, under each restaurant, it is mentioned whether the food is 'Halal certified' or a verbal confirmation was given from the staff. It is also worth noting that suppliers do change, resulting in the food no longer being halal. Therefore, always confirm with the staff there before ordering.
  • How can my business be mentioned on your blog?
    We love exploring different restaurant's across Hong Kong, along with smalll F&B local business's. Feel free to get in-touch with us via email if you'd be interested in learning how to do so.
  • Do you provide marketing services?
    We provide different types of marketing services to help small F&B business's grow. Check out our Advertising page to learn more.
  • Does your blog only showcase restaurants?
    We focus on both restaurants AND small local F&B business's. As we want to not only help our audience but the small locally owned business's across Hong Kong.

If you have any more questions or concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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